Enable your Virtual Support Assistant for your customer care


Create your virtual Support Assistant and bring your customer care to Amazon Alexa or Google Home


Give your customers an easy accessible way to provide their feedback or fill out questionnaire forms via Amazon Alexa or Google Home (coming soon!)


Enable your customers to access your user manuals via your virtual assistant on Amazon Alexa or Google Home
(coming soon!)

Provide an easy accessible 1st level support

Give your customers an easy access to your support via a voice user interface like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Your 1st level Voice Support Assistant can resolve many of the incoming standard issues while it connects more complex issues to your personal support.

Reduce the waiting time of you customers

Increase your customers satisfaction by resolving their issues instantly by a voice assistant without any waiting time in support centre queues.

Minimize your support costs

Let your voice assistant overtake a huge load of customer issues and cut your costs for support by reducing the number of issues your personal support has to handle.

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Our mission: Enabling Voice where Voice enables

Voice technology will drive our future. Services like Amazon Alexa will enable us to do many things more conveniently than we used to. Our mission is to accelerate this evolution. We want to make the implementation of voice technology as easy as possible. And we want to promote Voice in the areas where it creates the most immediate impact.

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Leverage the advantages of voice user interfaces like Amazon Alexa or Google Home for your company support. ZelaFlow is a platform that helps you to easily set up a voice assistant for your customer support. Access an innovative new channel, that will play a major role in the future homes of your customers.