Easily create, manage and analyze your voice application.

ZelaFlow is a Voice CMS & Hosting platform tailored to voice applications such as Amazon Alexa Skills or Google Actions.

Our mission:
Enabling Voice where Voice enables

Voice technology will drive our future. Services like Amazon Alexa will enable us to do many things more conveniently than we used to. Our mission is to accelerate this evolution. We want to make the implementation of voice technology as easy as possible. And we want to promote Voice in the areas where it creates the most immediate impact.

ZelaFlow is a platform tailored to language applications such as Alexa Skills or Google Actions. The platform offers all the services you need to easily create, manage and analyze your voice application. ZelaFlow does not require any knowledge of Voice UX or technical know-how. At the same time you can avoid expensive agency developments. ZelaFlow was designed by editors for editors: It provides a content management system based on templates that have been optimized for Voice UX by a team of linguistic and language experts. This allows editors to connect brands and users on a new communicative interface by focusing on what they do best - creating engaging user content.

3 becomes 1:
ZelaFlow combines three functionalities and offers an all-round carefree package

Voice Builder

The ZelaFlow Voice Builder enables you to create your own voice application without any coding knowledge. The Voice Builder offers a set of predefined templates optimized for voice UX. These templates provide editors with an easy-to-use interface for creating attractive voice applications on platforms like Alexa: All that is required is to populate the templates with engaging content.

Voice Content Management

The ZelaFlow Voice Content Management System (CMS) is designed for voice applications that provide dynamically changing content. The Voice Content Management Platform offers you the possibility to instantaneously update your voice application by changing or adding new content that becomes immediately available on your voice interface.

Voice Hosting

The ZelaFlow Voice Hosting removes all the effort and knowledge required for hosting your own voice application. All that is required is for you to follow an easy and guided process and we will take care of the server infrastructure necessary for hosting your voice application.

How it works

The Voice Builder guides you through a structured process to create your own custom Amazon Alexa Skill.

Step 1
Create your Skill

Just add a new Skill, name it and pick a language.

Step 2
Choose a Skill Template

You can select one of several pre-configured templates, each designed for assisting with specific tasks.

Step 3
Edit the Skill content

Now you can start texting. Just fill in the skill content - no worries, you can edit the content of your Skill later anytime.

Step 4
Test your skill and make Alexa talk

Finally you just link your ZelaFlow Skill with the Amazon Developer Platform, enable the testing and test your skill live on your Alexa!

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