Introduces – A platform that enables companies to optimize their customer support via Amazon Alexa

MUNICH, December 6th, 2017 – Voice solution provider releases Voice Content Management System that enables customer service departments of all kinds to use Amazon Alexa for their customers` frequently asked questions (FAQs) - without requiring any technical know-how.

Customer service has always been an important hallmark of a great brand. To achieve good customer service the utmost attention would need to be given to the communication between the brand and the customer: Therefore, specially trained service staff needs to be employed to answer customer inquiries and provide help where and when required.

But as companies grow this customer service model needs to be extended to include automated and more scalable forms of service. In particular, methods such as website FAQs or support forums are used to intercept customer inquiries before the service consultant level. The big disadvantage of these approaches is that the customer`s question can no longer be answered in a targeted manner, while at the same time personal communication between the brand and the customer is lost. Ultimately, customer satisfaction and the customer`s relationship with the brand suffers.

Zelaflow addresses exactly this problem: Never before has there been the possibility for companies to convert their customers` FAQs into an Amazon Alexa Skill via a single platform and in just two minutes, and to optimize their customer support in several ways. By using modern voice interfaces, the customer-brand interaction is elevated back to a communicative and personalized level at the first service contact point. Additionally, customer satisfaction is increased by a shortened resolution time for support queries.

Through the platform, provides the perfect prerequisites for an uncomplicated and efficient use of language assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home for 1st-level support departments. The platform is characterised by its ease of use and does not require any technical know-how in programming or language design. It assists support departments to effortlessly answer their customers` FAQs with the help of Amazon Alexa. Communicative interfaces such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant offer excellent possibilities to get quick and intuitive answers to simple queries.

The future of voice as the main medium of communication for computers is rapidly approaching. With the continuous evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the minimization of processing power costs, and the widespread customer adoption toward these technologies; customer support departments will have to sooner or later adapt and evolve further. With this move can happen sooner than later.

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